Valentine's Day Exclusive #2 - Valentine Wrapped Momoko
Things have escalated quickly. First you get a mysterious phone call from Chizuru saying that she needs you to get leeks from the supermarket - knowing full well that she could make leeks on her own without lifting a finger! The trip to the store took a good portion of the day, and you finally make it home, but something is off... There are red petals on the floor leading to... your bedroom?!

"What?! Wh-who's there! Ah! Y-y-y-you! What is the meaning of this?!"

You are about to ask the same thing.

"Stop! I don't even want to know. That tricky maid of your's is clearly insane! She called me here and fed me s-s-something vile! I wake up and find myself... myself... gift wrapped!"


"Well don't just stand there! Untie me! There are so many knots I don't know which one connects to what."

You approach carefully... this looks like Chizuru's doing, but these are not her knots. You think back to when Matsuko asked you about how to tie her shoes. Oh crap... All that aside, you figure tugging on one of the ribbons held loosely against Momoko's waist shouldn't have any consequences.


Her eyes widen and she lets out a soft yelp. When you check to see what's wrong, her face is bright red and her chest is heaving under the tightly wrapped ribbons.

"Pl...please... be more gentle... They seem to be... connected..."

You stare blankly before the implications hit you like a load of bricks. It's going to be a long and drawn out evening. Chizuru will pay for this ten fold when you get your hands on her. You finally notice something else tucked in Momoko's hair. A small card with a message written in elegant kanji using an expensive caligraphy pen you bought for a certain goddess.


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