Valentines Ruby Card + Community Day

This community means SO MUCH TO ME!  You have no idea how lucky I am to have this amazing supportive community.  Because of you I get to create so many costumes and prop every month - full time.  I get to dedicate so much of myself doing what I love!  As a huge thank you I've decided to do an extra card this year - Cupid Ruby for Valentines Day!

If you are in Cute Rawr ($35) or higher you will be getting a signed Cupid Ruby Valentines Day card!

*To get the card make sure you are opt-ed in for physical rewards and have the correct address on your Patreon account so I can send it to you when I go to ship Feb rewards in early March*

Speaking of rewards...

If you were pledged to a tier that gave physical rewards in January you should either already have your rewards or be getting it very soon (international deliveries take a bit longer).  Once again please reach out to me if your rewards don't arrive!

Now how about some info on COMMUNITY DAY!


Community day will be Friday Feb 21 from 4pm-10pm EST

For those who don't know what Community Day is...

Its a day that we do Patron Exclusive Voicechat Parties and play games together in my Discord server!  Its a really great way for us to get to know one another and create fun memories!

Any tier has access to Community Day.

Also if you are shy you are more than welcome to hop in on the Voicechat party and mute your mic/ just listen until you are comfortable joining in!

If you haven't already make sure to set up your Discord to your Patreon account that way you get the special roles that give you access to the secret voicechat/textchats!

Link to instructions on how to get your Discord Patron Role 

We do plan on playing G-Mod for some of Community Day.  We will make a post in the Patron Exclusive channels about what mods you will need to play the game.

Super excited for Community Day and all the cute Valentines Day cards!  I hope you all have amazing days!

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