Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run - page 84
Aaaaand that's a wrap on Chapter 8! 

If you want to read through the whole thing in one sitting, the easiest way to do so is to hit up either the VotSS Tumblr or my website Studio NDR.

As to what comes next: Chapter 9 is already finished, but I have some minor art corrections I want to do to previous pages before I start running it. So my current plan is to start running Ch 9 on April 2.

I might have to push that back slightly because I'm in physical therapy for arm/shoulder/neck pain (hooray cartoonist problems), and obviously that's made working at the computer and the drafting table a bit of a challenge. Some of my PT is covered by insurance, but some of it isn't, so if you were pondering buying some books or art, now would be a great time.

In the meanwhiles, I will have Patron-only goodies for $1+ subscribers: stuff like concept art and character designs and all that. Stay tuned!

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