Valley of the Silk Sky: "Medicine; Run" - page 16

And that's a wrap for "Medicine; Run"! If you want to read the whole thing in one sitting, you can see it all online on the Valley of the Silk Sky website, or  if you prefer print you can snag the minicomic edition from my Gumroad store.

Nerd notes for this page: 

If you've ever interacted with a human baby, you've probably experienced their tendency to grip basically anything on your person: finger, glasses, hair, etc. Nothing is safe.

This  is known as the Palmar Grasp Reflex, and is common to most primates. In many species, the babies grab handfuls of their parents' fur in order to stay attached to the parent while being carried. This isn't really a practical application for us bald apes, but the instinctive need to grip persists as a vestigial response in human infants.

Even for humans, though, the infant's grip is strong enough to support the child's weight, which is why it hurts so damn much when they latch onto your hair. For a furred species like the tolas, you can assume the baby's grip is even more wrenching.

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