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Value Town #139 - Beware of Rogue
This week on Value Town ChanManV, J4CKIECHAN, and Alliestrasza talk about Oktoberfest and take a look at how to counter tempo rogue. They also discuss Royalbaize (the first female to play in the HCT Season Championships) and if HS has an issue with power creep. Mekkatorque's Workshop and returns with some cards from patrons and fans as well as Underrated and Jebaited as we take a look at Gnomeratu.

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- Our Week in Hearthstone (Oktoberbrawl, Decks)

-  How To Counter Rogue

- First Female In HCT Season Championship

- Power Creep in HS

- Smilestone

- Underrated and Jebaited

- Mekkatorque's Workshop

- Host Challenge

- Q&A 

Show Notes