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Along with my eternal gratitude, you get access to my Activity Stream! This is where you'll see sketches and concept art that the normals won't get a chance to see! You'll also get previews of upcoming storylines, works in progress, and a chance to ask me questions about art and stuff! I promise that you'll get some new exciting stuff at least once a week.
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Along with seeing what's new on the Activity Stream, you'll also get goodies and exclusive reviews on movies, TV shows, comics, etc with at least 1 illustration! I'll have at least 1 review a month.
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Noir Early Access and Playtesters Club! Along with Goodies, exclusive reviews and the Activity Stream, you'll get early PDF versions of FULL comics, as soon as I'm done creating them and before they come out! Or pdfs of parts of stories if I'm doing a long-form comic. Make all your friends jealous that you know what's going to happen before they do! NOTE: Please don't go around spoiling it publicly or I'll be forced to eliminate this reward. Also, as I make new boardgames and new versions, you'll get print n' play PDF versions of them to playtest! If you play them and like them, or don't like 'em, I'd appreciate some feedback!
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