VancouFur 2017 Badge Pre-Orders
So its come to that time my lovelies! 

I am offering special badges for VancouFur 2017 ONLY! 

These badges will display your character dressd in a Star Trek inspired uniform (for legal reasons I will not be using real Star Trek uniform designs) 

They will also display your rank, and position in the ship. Ranks will be indicated by the round pips above the name. 

Available Ranks are: Crewman, ensign, Lieutenant 2nd Class, Lieutenant 1st Class, Lt. Commander, Commander. Sorry captain is taken by the Con's Chair

The badges will be done digitally and be printed on high quality heavy cardstock and laminated to protect the badge. You will also be emailed a digital copy of the badge as well.

These badges will be for pickup at VancouFur 2017 ONLY. I will be in the arist alley Friday and Saturday but will be available to deliver badges Sunday as well. 

If you would like to order a badge from me please fill out the following form or private message me with your details