VANCOUVER - I'm gonna do it.
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hey lovers

i was on the fence about this one because baby ... but as you vancouverites know I've done a show in Vancouver every year for a few years running to coincide with TED to drag some of the TED talent to the people's stage. it's always a fanfuckintabulous night. 

I wasn't going to even attempt to put the show together this year but sarah shandl - the amazing helper I found THE NIGHT BEFORE THE FIRST SHOW VIA TWITTER convinced me the other night over text. she was like YOU GONNA DO IT and I was like NO, BECAUSE BABY and she was like YOU SURE and I was like YEAH and she was like REALLY ARE and I was like AGGGG OKAY LETS DO THE THING  QUICK CALL THE VOGUE. and they had a night free. so BAM. 

the line-up is always a total surprise because I never know who I'm going to run into at TED...but it's always so good. 

here's a little write up from our first year:

at the very least, maria popova and I are going to talk about children's books and Alice's adventures underground and she's convinced me to cover "white rabbit". so there's that. and I might be able to find a string quartet and play you some of my surprise ....

also, I'll have a baby since I'm a single mom that week at TED. 

tickets are HERE and will fly. 



it's soon

wed feb 17th