VanDwelling Travel Log: Burning Man, Pt 7 -- Final Playa Posts (Fri, Sep 29, 2k17)
La Victrola (top): This large art nouveau gramaphone was designed by Tim Bremner and built by their crew, originally in 2016, then in 2017 they added the stage and larger height via the platform. The live music, cabaret, and burlesque performances had burners all around the playa talking about it. Here's hoping it returns in 2018!

Flower Tower (above): I've followed Reared In Steel (the creators) for years, as they're the same minds who brought Medusa Madness to Center Camp, and who built large metal rhino art car. This time, however, they've truly outdone themselves.

The Pier (above): I posted a different shot [Here on Patreon] a few weeks, but I wanted to show The Pier in greater detail. You can also see the lighthouse better. The lighthouse was a chance encounter, as this is actually a mutant vehicle that had just happened to park at the end of The Pier on the Thursday when I took this shot. I don't know who built the lighthouse, but Matt Schultz is the veteran burner who designed The Pier had helped bring it to the playa in 2011, 2012, and 2017. If I had my way, The Pier would be a permanent playa fixture every year.

Shogyo Mujo (above): This projection-mapped skull is the creation of Josh Harker, who animated and brought the skull to life so that it changed patterns, turned gears, twisted in colors, and even zoomed through the universe. We actually missed it on our first outing into the playa, which is crazy, as it wasn't too far from the Tree. We found it on burn night and became hypnotized just watching it move. You can watch it move on the official site, where they've captured high quality video of it.

Image (above): A steampunk tank, made by an unknown artist

I was actually about to finally meet the artist himself, when I was suddenly distracted and almost toasted by this...


Rabid Transit (above): Yeah, just look at the little gremlin laugh. Laugh it up there, Rusty, but you're no El Pulpo Mecanico. Duane Flatmo's new living mechanical and mobile sculpture is one of the most impressive on the playa for fire, as it truly fills the entire area with flame, but it lacks the hypnotic symmetry and sense of "dance" that Pulpo had. I'm hoping Duane brings a larger crew in 2018 so that he can also man El Pulpo and the clockwork dragon to come alongside Rabid Transit.

BTW, Rabid Transit is actually a battle-torn and tested racer. When I looked into its history and the build, I found out at Duano built and raced it [Here in China], taking first place for artistry and fifth place in the race. It gives the gremlin a touch of character to know the history, and it's also cool to see how it grew up across the entire year leading up to Burning Man. Duane Flatmo has never been lacking in surprises.

I've attached quite a few extras along with this post, including VW Camp's Walter hanging out with a fire-breathing UFO, another shot of Shogyo Mujo skull, colorful footprints captured in playa dust, and burners having fun with fire.

2017's burn hit me in a way that I didn't expect, with the "Radical Ritual" theme transforming the entire playa into a living temple. I haven't felt that way about the playa since 2008, and not in the same way, nor on the same level. What an incredible year.

What does next year have in store?

We won't know until we make it happen.

Burn bight, lovelies... and stay lit!


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