VBC 1.0.3 & Shutting down
Hey folks!

Here's another patch! After some complaints, I looked at the earliest part and found that it was really quite horrible. Looks like I made up A LOT of stuff when I started translating.

Luckily, it quickly got better, so the glaring mistakes mostly stopped about halfway through the prologue, where Dana appears. So the rest of the game should be a mostly accurate translation. I'm not gonna rework the whole game, so this will hopefully be my last patch.

Anyway, you may want to read the prologue again after this patch. I'm sure you'll notice a lot has changed, especially in ke01 "Wrath", where Taranis/Crow escapes the Water of Chaos. All I can say in defense - it was my first day. ^^ Seen in an optimistic light, it shows how much better I've become as a translator. *cough*

Also, I've included my Walkthrough, which is a partial translation of the Guide at

Please download the patch at


Next, I want to announce that I am going to shut down this Patreon page.

It was intended as a tip-box, and during the translation it worked like that. I thought it would combine the advantages of fan-translation and getting money for it. ^^

However, with the release it has become apprent that it also combines the disadvantages.

*) I'm kinda getting treated like a pro, even though I'm really not. I cannot really ask for help with translation or editing, for instance.

*) Uncertain Legal issues. I should ask the content owners in the future.

*) Patreon changed their policy regarding adult content a few months ago. I'd have to switch to more tame stuff to keep translating here, but then I'd expect at least a part of my supporters to leave. ^^

*) I was treating this kinda like a second job because I was "getting paid" - had a schedule, regular updates, etc. It's been very stressful for me, this last year.

I did this Patreon thing because I thought it just might pay off. If I was making, let's say a 1,000$ by now, quitting my job and focusing on this would at least be realistic. But sadly, it's not even close. Despite most of my Patrons granting me quite a generous amount. But the numbers just aren't there.

You'll probably think that I'm kinda confused to have even started this in the first place. But I'm still glad I did, because now I at least know that it did not work out. :)

While I was working on the translation, I did not really think hard about that stuff, also because I was pouring so much time into this project. But now, also thanks to the words of some people, I've taken a look at the problems. And to me, it's just not worth 50$ or 100$. I'm kinda playing with my existence here.

I've switched to payout per creation, hoping that means you guys won't get charged at the end of the month. Please revoke your pledge just to be safe.

I want to keep this page up a little longer, because it has also served as my homepage, but I'll probably shut it down soon.

I'm not really sure how I'll continue. To be honest, the last week has been way more stressful than I imagined. I really need a break. ^^

Anyway, thanks to all my patrons for your continued support over this last year. I promised to get VBC translated and I did. This patch should iron out the most glaring mistakes. I hope you enjoy the patch and wish you all the best of luck!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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