VC Monthly Battle Montage: Cutters Can Be Skillful
Hey Hey Friends of the Good Mood,

the last days I was focused on creating the Monthly Battle Montage for you guys this time showing some more cutter combat & Battleships. Both things we didn't have for a while. I don't think I got the best video footage this time but I can't always choose from hundreds of videos :) I hope you still like it and one very soon - there's going to be a Vlog coming announcing a lot of positive new things for this patreon page of mine. Some new features and some that I want to do more / better.

For now - I hope you'll enjoy this video in your honors. I'll go back to creating more VC content right now. Because there's still a lot I need to do :)

VEGA Conflict - Monthly Battle Montage: Cutters Can Be Skillful

Thank you all for your great support