VC Vengeance Event: Prizes, Checklist, Suggestions, Ideas
Hey There Friends of the Good Mood,

here's Kixeyes Trailer to the Upcoming Vengeance Event:

And here's my video on the matter talking about the prizes, some general information and ideas and some suggestions: 

VEGA Conflict Vengeance Event: Prizes, Suggestions & Ideas

The Prize Priority Checklist is also already finished here: 

And one more thing: In the video I briefely mentioned changes our patreon page. I am going to create a whole Video Log about this. So much ahead: I want to update the Manni-Gaming Patreon Video, I changed the Milestone Goals a little so that "YouTube becoming the primary occupation" is already reached and the next insentive is going to be more streaming etc which will work closely together with the new perk in the 10$-category and after: "Coop Live-Streams".

In addition to that I also want to revive a couple of other things and generally make sure you guys get the most out of your time and contribution here for me. Short: I want to make it more interactive for you.

Let's see how it goes.. For now: We have an Event to accomplish :-)

Best Regards