VEGA Conflict Alien Bases Attacks & Event Preview
Hi there everyone,

I'm sure you have noticed the extra sector wormhole in your sectors already? Well... This is the portal to alien space with their bases for you to test. During the live-stream yesterday we tried to take them on and also watched other people do it. In case you haven't been able to watch it (for me it was 02.00 am when it all began) here are the twitch-exports:

VC Outbreak Event Preview - First Impressions Stream Export

VC Outbreak Test: 80 Alien Base Vs Infernal Wave Destroyer Fleet

I personally think that with destroyers these bases are harder than I thought they would. But then again: I was attacking the highest level base because no other one would open up next to me and I do not have maxed out Punishers. But still. I do have the elite version of destroyers you can currently have and I would have hoped for a better run than I had it :-)

What do you think?