Veil | Speed Painting
This week's video is the speed painting of an earlier Patron reward, Veil.

I know that most, if not all of you, color using markers or pencils but I hope these videos are still interesting and can give you ideas when you go to color it yourself.

I ended up going with a dramatic front lighting, you'll see the lines I was referencing for my light source in the video, but you could really get some interesting shadows by going from a upper left light source. The shadows cast from the veil would be really fun to work on.

I've been sketching through a lot of facial expressions lately, first taking what would be the first go to of it then trying to take it a step further and make it more expressive. I've also been doing very small and fast thumbnails of things that could turn into future images. If you guys are interesting in seeing these sketch dumps I can start sharing them with you. I can't say they're beautiful to look at lol. 

I'm trying to get ok with letting go and not nitpicking everything, getting ideas down quickly and not thinking that everything needs to end up as a finished piece. I think its a habit held over when I drew it all on paper, you can't waste it! That's paper abuse! Obviously anything not used/kept is recycled but dang, paper is sacred... you guys know what I mean. We crafters horde it and keep all the lil pieces. 

I <3 paper

Anyways. I'm hoping the lil sketches will help speed up and keep the ideas flowing. If you have any thoughts, ideas, "trigger words" for some I'd love to hear them!