The Veils of Illusion
I had a great interview with my friend Nate Max @ who says:  "Hey beautiful people we are back again with another episode. This week I interviewed Cullen Smith from "LIFTING THE VEIL." This is a good intro into the inter workings of Cullen to get to know him and cross pollinate together for a common goal of an awakened human race, we dove deep into Astro Theology, Syncretism, Language / Symbolism, natural science, the California fires and also got into some harsh truths about Religion. Cullen gives u a good insight into what brought him to be an industry expert and seeker of truth. Cullen is a very profound researcher of truth on The internet today with a huge library of videos and powerful info on his web site

Well worth checking out his complete selection of movies and going through them 1 by 1 to really understand the true workings of our world.

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