Velvety Cauliflower Soup from Spoken Cafe--You've GOT to try this!
Will Goodwin, owner of Spoken Café, is a self-proclaimed “handyman” who once went to school for architecture but then found himself in the coffee/café world.  A New Orleans transplant, his penchant for big and bold flavors come through in his menu.  Will worked at Spoken Café when it was originally known as Beans & Bagels.  Already a familiar face to the neighborhood (and a charming and charismatic one at that), he decided to buy Beans & Bagels and make it his own – renovating the entire place with wood furnishings he built himself! Since 2015 he has been running Spoken Café with his wife and his team of 12 awesome coworkers churning out delicious creations.  A man who never wants to let good food go to waste, he prides himself on “salvaging white beans” and “resurrecting” watermelons.  Tune in to learn Will’s story, and listen to the full episode to find out what region of Louisiana he’s from in order to win a $25 gift card to Spoken Café!