27.03.18 VENOM
I wanted to say a huge thank you to all that supported me throughout this Venom Bodypaint Stream.

This was a huge challenge for me on the 27th March, especially when I realised that I have a black backdrop, I needed to add lighting to his body, so I actually have to credit Mcroft07 whom inspired me with the lighting for this particular paint!

Go check her out, she is extremely talented, her Twitter, instagram and Twitch is under the same name: Mcroft07 

With this venom paint, I had a concept in mind of Eddie Brock first stransforming into Venom, and he is trying to fight the symbiote.

He tears it away from his face and chest, however the Symbiote wraps around his fingers, pulling them back and controlling the host.

I really enjoyed myself with this one, we got raided by a few larger streamers which was awesome!!

Thank you again for your support, and hopefully you see me develop even further, as I continue with this new hobby of mine :P