Venom:FanScript Part II
Venom II Good day, Interaction two, onward with the story! There must be one ray of light in our film, its can't all be darkness. She appears as Ixl's first cousin V for Victoria. She treats Ixl's as an angel and she is ever and anon his one light in the moments she is around. She isn't too tall, brunette and has green eyes, she dresses down in plad shirts with a tank top underneath usually and with blue jeans, with her hair up in a pony-tale. She comes to visit every other weekend as her parents are both doctors and travel upstate to work in a different unit. She often takes him on walks to the park where he enjoys lifting the neighbourhood children whom are there up the rampart to the top of the slide so they do not have to climb. He smiles and takes great joy in his adventures with both the children but especially with Victor. The first time she visits after Venom arrives he does not try and overcome Ixl in his dreams. Instead he watches Ixl's interactions with Victoria and marvels at the change in him. His eyes sparkle with wonder at Victoria, not with a disturbing passion, but with a joy of pure brotherly love. As if she were his sister removed to another location for her protection from him. As he sees himself the grunt villain of a mastermind's evil plot yet to be revealed. Which comes to be true in the end. He is who he always thought himself to be. After she leaves Sunday night the Terror's come back, this is the night he is taken to the asylum called a clinic. He is held in a padded room over night while neru tests are run on his brain and with his blood. The next day his mother receives a call from the clinic to come in as the results are ready. The disorder is permanent, again the symbiote known as Venom overhears and has made his decision. That night after their return home Venom overhears a phone conversation with Victoria's mother, she will not be visiting for the next month as she is going away on a road trip to visit sevearl universities in state as it is her graduation year and a choice must be made as to what school she will attend in the fall. Venom decides to use this information to lure Ixl out into the streets where he will show Ixl that he is a hero and a powerful one at that. He will manipulate a dream of Ixl and cover all but his face and when he begins to thrash he shall use all his force of will over Ixl to push him from the bed and out through the window down the front patio's roof and out onto the front lawn. There Venom will strive to block all of Ixl's past from him other than the dream, making it the only coherent memory available, and thus the truth. Then he will tell him he is a hero and can save Victoria from her captor which has stopped her from visiting. As Ixl has no coherent recollection of time a week or a day that Victoria has not been to the house matters not to his reality. After a brief mental battle as one striving for dominance Venom retracts leaving Ixl to choose whether to go back up into his room or proceed forth to find himself the hero. With the choice made, Venom takes control of the body through the spinal fluid and leave Ixl completely in awe of what he can do. They travel by roof top towards the city where we next meet them in a scene overlooking a group of three thugs harassing an old lady as some cops pass. Ixl tells of how the cops will not do justice, how they are cowards and will only save those who can pay for it. The criminals retract into an alley where they find a hooker and start to abuse her. Ixl and Venom have crossed the street to the same side as them and are now looking down upon them. Ixl tells him he is a hero and can save her just like he can save Victoria. He passes down the wall in shadow to stand beside the thugs. He realizes just how much larger he is than they are. This seems to promote him not as the weaker grunt but as the powerful hero. He come out of the shadow in a fury of rage, Venom releases control to let Ixl do his work basking in the glory of his rage. (Describe the encounter as PG13 I can) At the end of it webbing covers the ally, two of the thugs are dead and the other lays limp and broken stricken dumb with terror at the face and tongue of Ixl and Venom. He returns home with Venom in full control, Ixl was lost in rage, even as is subsided Venom still had total control he was the outcast known as Venom once again. Venom though recognizes that still Ixl cannot protect himself in society and thus returns to his parent's home to await a better time to pursue freedom. There he waits and Ixl goes back to his daily routine of recorded black-white show, food and orders followed at the constructions sits and at home as chores by his father. Over the next few days Venom overhears and reads an article about a massive figure in a suite called Kingpin and claims of his abuse of human rights within his Empire Tower in the heart of down town New York over Ixl's father's shoulder. He devices that he shall do the same thing to Ixl again at night and claim the kingpin is the captor of Victoria. But he must prepare, Ixl is not ready to take on such a task as might be held up as arms of force within the kingpin's lair. The next night they slip out together through the repaired window, Ixl does not fight the body control of Venom at all and they converse at great lengths about what is to come and what they are preparing for as they web sling and crawl about New York. They continue this venture for several nights until Venom decides he is ready to take on a more powerful foe. They head off into the night out of the city towards an old biker bar. They arrive garbed fully in the suite but underneath of a trench-coat and a hoodie which covers his face. Its a dingy old biker bar with a several dim overhead lights and a single strobe light to illuminate the entire bar. He moves off to find himself a seat in a booth by himself, as he does so from a camera view you see Venom's face as he moves towards his selected seat each time the strobe flickers upon his face. Each flicker sees the face with a different reflection of feature. He watches the interactions between the men and the waitresses, how they grab at their bums as they pass by, how they treat them like dirt. Venom informs Ixl matter of factly that all men act this way, that even his father behind closed doors is like this. I need to stop here and insert some of the greater underlying effects of the conversations between Ixl and Venom. As the film comes to a climax and subsequent close it is revealed that Ixl's conscious cognition and coherence during the conversations between himself and Venom are remembered. You get a clear picture of the toying that occurs between Ixl and Venom, both playing off one another's seeming ignorance or disconnection to an area of life. You see this in Ixl at the bar, he believes, or leads you the view and Venom to believe that he does believes Venom is right all men treat women like this. Later on, as I said, it is revealed that Ixl was playing with Venom, for as his consciousness is restored through Vemon's overtaking, their fusion as it were. Through cut scenes of bits of various conversations between Venom and Ixl it is revealed just how aware Ixl was and is. Even as his parents talked about him before their deaths he had the beginnings of awareness of being conscious. A waitress is pushed to the ground as one of the biker's crudely grabs her bum and pulls her towards him. She falls over and Ixl's rage is brought full force against the bar. He moves to stand over the woman, there the bikers tell him off before they stand to take him on. He hunches over her as a lion over a cub, his massive shoulders lurching forwards ever more ready for a pounce. Once again the bar ends up in ruins, webbing everywhere many rigged being filled with webbing until they stopped struggling in his grasp. Some plastered to walls or the ceiling others hanging around by a few threads of web a hole in the roof is the only source for which the dawn's light may enter as the detectives arrive. Oh yes, there is the back story of the detective(s) himself and a partner who are following the case. Becomes very personal for the police as the detective's partner corner's Venom and Ixl only to feel the full force of their combined wrath against authority and cowardice. He or she, yet to be determined, dies. If it is a she there can be inner turmoil in Ixl leading to the ultimate breakthrough shown in the end to be true of his coherent consciousness. That being for his wanting to protect women as he still somewhat believes they are mistreated partly due to Venom's words but also as his past becomes clear in his mind about his father's treatment of his mother. For as his awareness grows so too does his recollection of past event, he is able to piece together his history from an early age. After the bar incident they return home in the early hours of the morning they arrive at the house and slip back into bed through his window. His father comes home for lunch from the construction site to see Ixl sitting in front of the TV watching his black and white recording and as he passes him by stops to ask, 'Who were you out with last night,' to which there is no response. Ixl's awareness has relapsed or is it that he is waiting for his father to reveal his ill action towards his mother as he has pieced enough of his past together to know his father a villain. He may hate himself now more than ever, in front of the TV for once again he is the grunt of a mastermind of evil. He is the son of an villain and thus has been the pawn of evil for all his living years. Where once he was a hero with Venom now alone as he seems to himself to be he is naught but a pawn. There in his growing rage as he watches the recording, he hears his father's rage in the kitchen. A raised voice and shouting into the living room about how disgusted he is with his illegitimate son and how he must be a bastard child from some retard whom his wife the whore must have conceived. He hits her in his rage and she falls against the kitchen counter. His father makes forward towards her backhand raised but before he could strike his hand is grabbed and he is moved aggressively against the kitchen table. Ixl stands between his mother and father, his mother makes a move to go around Ixl to speak to him face to face, but his father makes a sudden move as she comes between them. Ixl lashes out against his father accidentally pushing his mother and she is sent flying through the kitchen back door and out into the yard twisted, mangled she lay covered in glass and smeared with blood. His father lays crumpled against median between the kitchen and living room blood stains his brow from a solid knock with the wall. Ixl moves quickly out the back door to check on his mother, an ambulance arrives quickly from a call to 911 from concerned neighbours, followed by a two man squad car. Ixl is blamed for all injuries during the incident by his father who is saving his own butt from a long prison term for years of abuse. To be... Continued?