Venus Retrograde
  March 4th- April 15th 2017

VENUS RETROGRADE  – indicates difficulty in  expressing freely your love and affection  for others.  You may feel that you lack emotional  fulfillment and tend  to interpret life’s events through the lens of “how much  am I loved or  deprived of love?”   Emotionally based relationships can be difficult  because you tend to  internalize and thereby exaggerate hurts.

VENUS  RETROGRADE KARMARelationships  – reveals that your soul  carries memories of past life painful  relationships and a great  misunderstanding about the nature of love.    The prior life intense emotional pain may result in a present tendency   to cut yourself off from fully experiencing the richness of love—out of  fear of  being hurt once more.  You will tend to  react to the present  as if it is the past, thereby pre-programming your present  love  relationships.  You tend to block yourself  from happiness by trying too  hard to achieve it.

When Venus moves retrograde, it is a time to re-evaluate what makes  us happy and what our priorities are. What we value now may be very  different from what we felt was of utmost priority years ago. So, this  is a time to take stock of our priorities and decide where we might want  to have a reset. On another level, this cycle may involve reconnecting  with people we truly love. This is a great time to rediscover our  appreciation and affection for them. It’s sort of like giving yourself  permission to fall in love all over again, now that you re-encounter  those things and people that put a smile on your face.

And since Venus is also associated with money, this may be a time to  revisit your financial situation, examining where your assets are  situated and restructuring your financial game plan. 


Venus Retrograde in Aries March 4 through April 1: “How to love me!”

Technically speaking, Venus is not considered to be well placed when  she is in Aries. Ideally Venus represents love of the selfless kind ­  loving one another because we are all part of the great tapestry of the  universe. To love one another, we do ultimately love ourselves. One way  to honor Venus retrograde is to consider how you can be more loving and  accepting of yourself. As you appreciate what is good within yourself,  you’re able to hold your head high with an enhanced sense of  self-confidence. But Venus in Aries can develop into narcissism. It can  become too much of the “me first” and “please, only me” perspective. So  keep that self-love in proportion.


Venus Retrograde in Pisces, April 2-15, aka “Loving the entire tapestry that is life”

Luckily, Venus is very content and ideally placed in the sign of  Pisces. Being in her sign of exaltation, she instinctively knows that as  she selflessly bestows love upon each thread of life in the universe  that the love permeates each and every fiber and all becomes one and all  becomes love. So this cycle enables us to see the beauty of this entire  experience called life, in all its complexity and its simplicity. This  is a time to rediscover how heartwarming it is to put a smile on the  faces of others. In so doing, we make that larger tapestry happy and  within that tapestry we, in turn, please ourselves.