Verita Perry - Waldorf Education from Three Perspectives: Student, Teacher, Mother
On this episode
  • The Waldorf teacher-student relationship: role models for life
  • How Waldorf education inspires children with stories that instill integrity, values, and compassion
  • Camphill Communities--inclusivity within a dedicated cultural community
  • Transitioning from a Waldorf 8th grade class to a public high school
  • Insights into Waldorf education from a three-fold perspective: student, teacher, and parent
  • Waldorf education’s “invitation to learn” that has fueled an entire life’s decisions
  • A Waldorf graduate’s resilience and quest for adventure
  • The need for constantly re-examining and re-evaluating Waldorf curriculum for the current days and for the future
  • Calling on courage to work with others in a constantly changing world