Vermilia Outskirts
Vermilia outskirts Creative notes: Scenery Brian and Flint came into the gates of Vermilia, a City also called Red Queen. Several miles from the city proper; its outskirts is already telling how industrial the city is or was, but with a weird ambience of a ghost town, lots of rusty odd contraptions and somewhat powerplant-like buildings in its perimeters. Brian and Flint slowly crouched on the tall grasses beside old rusty fenses, some still standing and on some area already lying on the ground. They couldn't see any guards or sentinel; still this place is well known for dead intruders. Recording Equipments: - iPad - Guitar Apps - Cubasis - iFretless bass - Alchemy Synth - Audio Mastering *Thank you much for your support. You help me eat and buy better gears. Regards from Bryan and Flint - they're doing well.. Thanx to your continued support.. :) ___________________________________ About Amidst Angels Is a story broken down into pieces and scattered all across realms and time, and can only be pieced back together little by little with the use of music. Main Characters - Brian (True identity Unknown even to self) - Flint (an Ancient dog whose grammar is better than Brian's) Note: I've written a whole chapter one of this story ("The Crawler" Brian's arrival) in one of my creation's in Patreon, and others scattered on every music I create. (worded scenes started with "Vermilia Outskirts") Help me piece together this adventure through music.. Show your support to our friends Brian and Flint, here on Patreon.. :) Thank You... - nersonangelo
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