Versali-Virai Sketch
A few weeks ago, I showed you the concept art for Versali-Virai. Not only is it the place that Maravek was talking about at the end of Awake, but it's also one of the hub areas that my players are going to be spending time at in D&D. I want to try and give them the best opportunity to see the world of Tellest. While the first scenario was very much an exercise in having them understand what the game mechanics were, and what boundaries (if any) there were, this next scenario is going to give them a sense of just how big everything is. They've been trapped in a keep for the past few games - all one scenario mind you - but now they'll be stepping outside into a whole new world, filled with possibilities. I knew that I didn't really have the capacity to truly show them the scope of things, so I went and found a second cartographer, Tom Fayen, whose work you'll see a little later in the week. For now, I want to show you the initial version of Versali-Virai - that is, my crappy interpretation. It'll truly show you just how far the work can go when it's done.