Version (29 August)

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Nightly Build Version

Cheat Menu Version

Red Light Version (29 August)
- new forced sissification event - available after buying bra, be in your room when the elder cousin returns home from shopping
- Shavification quest received a few new tasks that lead to permanent hair removal. To receive a new task, wait until your hair grows back and show it to the elder cousin
- new therapy talk with the younger cousin about the chastity key
- Main story: introduction of 'Learning to Fight' quest with the butler
- new talk options and a date in a fastfood restaurant (includes a short psychological test) with the younger cousin
- Bimbo: introduction scene with the future boyfriend, allows to choose his appearance
- new interactions with the gloryhole in the mall men toilet, there are four cases: empty, mouth, big white cock, big black cock, includes a bit of gay content, too
- Red Light District: new sex actions with Venus Lux for trans characters
- bug fixing: maid massage, elder cousin's undefined status, double phone messages at the game start, the park date completion mark, repeatable chastity buying event

Thank you for everyone who sent bug reports  

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