Version 0.10.1 - Public Release
Long Live the Princess version 0.10.1 is now available for everyone. 

This version is a weird one. Its purpose is to fill in the most important blanks from 0.9, so there's not much actual story progress or many new scenes in it. The biggest new feature is that you can now interact with Primrose after she gets arrested as well as continue the investigation so that you can potentially free her. If you prevented her arrest in the last version, you won't see any of this.

You can now also report back to Primrose after these events are over to collect a reward. The nature of that reward... well, it will depend on what Primrose thinks about you. I sure hope you've been keeping her happy.

Apart from that, the update features a bunch of smaller quality of life improvements. 

I'm glad to get this one off my back. These last two updates have been rather serious in tone. Tune back in for version 0.11 next month for some pure, unadulterated (but decidedly adult) fun with some features I've been looking forward to for quite some time. 


Download for Windows 

Download for Mac 


Changelog 0.10.1:

  • Fixed a missing variable that caused crashes related to the Primrose arrest event.

Changelog 0.10.0:

  • New, repeatable scene with Primrose.
  • You may now continue the investigation of Merek's murder even after Primrose is arrested.
  • You may visit Primrose while she is in prison.
  • It is now possible to read in the library even if Primrose is in prison.
  • Added alternate opening to Primrose's arrest event if Evelyn is gone.
  • Scrolling credits are now available from the main menu. 
  • You can no longer rollback to before a saved game you just loaded. This should resolve the Ren'py exceptions some people have been reporting, but won't fix saves already affected by this issue. 
  • Music now resumes correctly upon loading a saved game.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes.

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