Version 0.12.0 - Public Release
Long Live the Princess version 0.12.0 is now available for everyone. 

This version has two major features worth talking about.

1) The gallery. You can access this from the main menu. Any (finished) sex scenes that you have encountered in the game are added here, and you can also see which girls have scenes that you have yet to find. Please note that this update cannot fully detect if you've reached all of these scenes in earlier versions of the game, so some scenes that you have previously encountered may be locked off for you. If that is the case, you'll have to replay the game or load an old save until you reach that scene again.

Any available scene in the gallery can be clicked on, allowing you to play through it again without having to keep a save from just before it happened. Even better, you will have the ability to configure these scenes in many cases. Some configuration options require you to have made certain choices in the game itself before they are available.

2) The conclusion to Primrose's romance path. We've been working towards this for a while now, but we're finally here. You can now reach one of two possible conclusions to your relationship with her. These depend on choices you've made throughout the entire game. Please note that I've made changes to how your relationship with Primrose is handled from the early stages on, so existing saves might find it much easier to reach one of these conclusions than is intended. I recommend starting over for the full experience, but you won't break anything by continuing with an old save.

Just to be clear: There will be more Primrose in the future. This is just the conclusion to the romance path.


Download for Windows 

Download for Mac 

Download for Android (port by booom313)

 Changelog 0.12.0:

  • Gallery added to the main menu. You can now replay and customize any of the finished sex scenes in the game.
  • Added conclusion (but not end) to Primrose's romance path.
  • 4 new scenes for Primrose.
  • Charisma training now goes up to level 3.
  • Tweaked how Primrose's relationship with you develops throughout the game. This is not retroactive for old saves, so using an old save might make it much easier to reach one of Primrose's new paths than is intended.
  • Various tweaks and fixes. 

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