Version 0.16.0 - Public Release

Long Live the Princess version 0.16.0 is now available for everyone.  

This update's primary focus is Callie's night scene. It's been implemented from scratch up to the same level (or even beyond) as Evelyn and Primrose. This took most of my development time this month, which was a little unexpected.

The second main new feature is expanded options during Callie's latest fashion show. Keep in mind that your choices do matter. Going all the way with these options will shape your relationship with Callie for when she returns in later updates. 


Download for Windows 

Download for Mac 

Download for Android (port by booom313)

Changelog 0.16.0:

  • Implemented Callie's night scene up to and including Perversity 5 and Agility 5.
  • Further expanded Callie's fashion show with new options and rewards that will influence the type of relationship you can have with her in the future.
  • There is now a new way to obtain Callie's panties.
  • Added a new scene to the gallery.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.
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