Version 0.4 Patch Notes
Hey folks, I'm uploading 0.4 as I type this for our weekly patrons! After that, I'll be uploading 0.3a for our alpha patrons, then later tonight, the newest free build.

Here are the patch notes for 0.4.

 Version 0.4 - 10/16/17

  • Added More New Cove Content, Including:
    • Early Construction Phases
    • Cove Expansion Discovery
    • Cove Expansion Puzzles
    • Cove Expansion F I G H T
    • Tier 1 Essence Vendors!
    • Lots of Plot development!
  • Added accessories to Orus’s useable equipment list
  • Added several new items
  • Made catching smoothfins and littlesnoots slightly easier
  • Fixed known 0.3 bugs
  • Fixed several skill descriptions
  • Fixed some typos and text-runoff

Known issues:

- Some boxes display "walking" animation when being pushed/pulled, which causes weird graphical flickering. Already fixed for next release.

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