Version 0.4.3 Public Release

Version 0.4.3 is now available to everyone. Please note this is the scheduled public release of version 0.4.3 (relased to my $5 patrons one month ago) and if you've played it already there is no extra content.

This version focuses on implementing the punishment system for Debbie and convincing Sally to carry out some of your advanced punishment methods. At the moment the punishment system has only been implemented for Debbie. There are three positions available and a total of ten actions which can be performed. You start with five and the other five can be unlocked by purchasing items and playing through the story. The system is still a little barebones at the moment but it’s a good base for us to build upon in the future. The system is also a little more scripted for Debbie than it will be for the other girls. Follow the MC's instructions at the beginning of the punishment.
In version 0.4 you will be able to raise Debbie up to level 5 and you will be able to start testing her obedience. If you get her level five you will be able to assign her a job at the school. There are two new rules to change at the school board and you'll need to unlock both to get Debbie up to level 5.
Amy also gets quite a bit of screen time this update. Be sure to check your computer for the new internet search feature.
Your new main quest for this update will be to convince the school board to allow you to punish the girls yourself. However, although we make significant progress towards that goal it’s not actually available yet. I’m going to need to make dozens of animations and write and code new options for several scenes in order for that rule to be implemented and I didn’t have enough time this month on top of everything else. Also Ruth’s questline is also not yet implemented and that will be included in version 0.5.
Be sure to play the alternative path for Mr Wilson. After you have taken the photos of Priti (or before) you can now refuse to hand them over, still earn influence off the old bastard and perhaps teach him a lesson at the same time. If you already handed the photos over and don’t want to start a new save just go to the cheat menu (press the big red button on the replay screen three times) then select the option to make it as if you didn’t give him the photos. You will then be able to play the new content.

Full change log:

  • New Staff Quest for the sports teacher Sally (can earn up to three influence points).
  • Punishment system implemented for Debbie. Can Raise Debbie's level up to 5 and begin testing her obedience.
  • Two new school rules to unlock. You can now order girls to remove skirts during punishments. You can also make the uniform policy even stricter.
  • Created new online shop. Items are now delivered the next working day.
  • Added photo album on your computer to look at any pictures you’ve taken in game.
  • New internet search feature (use it to look for Amy’s pictures)
  • Added alternative branch to Mr Wilson’s story arc so you no longer have to give him the photos of Priti. If you handed them over but want to go back then use the option in the cheat menu (recommended or you’ll miss a good scene).
  • New weekend event for Maxine (triggers on Sundays after you catch Debbie spanking Maxine (Triggered by watching all Maxines office events then patrolling the halls)).
  • Updated class events for Amy, Cassandra and Rachel after remove skirt rule unlocked.
  • New class events for Debbie
  • You can now visit the lake. Not much there now but you can meet the groundskeeper. He has Sally’s keys. He won’t remember where they are until Sally has asked for them and you have stolen Sally’s towel.
  • New event for Sally in the locker room
  • New volleyball event at the lake (after you give Sally her keys).
  • After you’ve given sally her keys, if you punish Rachel in class in the afternoon Sally will arrive in a bikini (works in replay mode too).
  • Debbie’s reactions in the hallway now change as she levels up (at level 3 and level 5).
  • Altered the formula for calculating payments from the school’s owners.

After confiscate underwear rule unlocked:

  • Can confiscate Emily’s underwear in the hallway. Updated class event for Emily.
  • Can confiscate Alice’s underwear
  • In Debbie’s public punishment you can now confiscate her bra.

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