Version 0.6.3
Hey everyone, we just released version 0.6.3 of the game on Steam! This update introduces updated team liveries, a new work in progress version of Luna, adds some user requested features and fixes a few bugs. The changelog can be found below:


  • Fixed track creator exporting the tunnel mesh with a messed up extension
  • Fixed mesh import issues in ship importer
  • Fixed some minor audio issues
  • Updated team liveries
  • Redesigned racebox menu
  • Added new work in progress Luna (original Luna is available in the vault)
  • Added new options to racebox menu
  • Added global environmental reverb
  • Mines now slow you down less but have a longer lasting acceleration hit
  • After you die the camera will shortly switch over to the racers overview
  • Two alternative racing lines are now calculated that AI can determine to follow
  • Removed checkpoints
  • Added virtual and hardcore options
  • Removed wormhole pickup
  • Added custom ship ship categories (see below for more information)
  • Ship contrail effects have been updated
  • Added ship reflections (see graphics options)
  • Arrivon VI and Nova Split from the 2097 Anniversary DLC have been added into the base game (see the others menu, these will also be getting an update in the future)
  • Updated cannon projectile effect

Note: The game is now running on Unity 5.6 Beta 4 to utilize some new features. Because of the implementation of a new media playback library the game will now no longer launch on Windows XP. There could also potentionally be some engine-based bugs. In case something game-breaking pops up, please let us know. Because this is more of an experimental update, we have added a new previous branch to Steam, this branch is currently set to 0.6.2 so you can revert to the previous version if need be. 

Custom Ship Categories

This update brings with it a new feature that lets you categorize your custom ships. To access the category editor go to Modding Tools - Mod Settings - Ship Categories.

Once you have created categories, go to the custom ships turntable and press the left/right airbrake to flick between your categories. A key bind tooltip will be added for this in the future, some rescaling needs to be done to the turntable first.

Ship Categories also affect what ships the AI spawn with.