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Version 1604.00 is Released
A little later than planned, but 1604.00 is now released.

This release is mostly just a collection of bug fixes and tweaks.

Fixed that bug that made water show above some plants, and made some tweaks to the way meshgen works.

Fixed the constant digging animation/sound in multiplayer.

Removed the hat recipe from steel bars.

Added a reversed recipe for the small stone axe.

Fixed a bunch of broken textures, including glass rooftiles and homeflags.

Fixed a typo in the Credits menu.

Some changes to the way internationalisation works, to conform with GNU Gettext.

Added some missing translations to the incinerator and cauldron.

A new feature in this release is SpawnGuard which allows server operators to set an area around the spawnpoint which is completely unmodifiable. As long as static_spawnpoint is set, spawnguard_radius can also be set to prevent players from digging and placing blocks in that area.

The release is available as usual from the Downloads Page on the project website.