Version 8.170 of YAPCG released

YAPCG users:

Version 8.170 is available for download:

This version has a few back-end improvements.  Firstly, I've redone  how Ability and Saves bonuses are calculated - it takes slightly less  space and it's now much more convenient for me to add new effects.   There are some minor adjustments to the "Ability Calculation" and "Saves  Calculation" sheets, and this also fixed up a bug or two.

There is now also the ability to add choice selection to Favored  Class Options - previously we could only do this by having separate  options for all choices, but now we can do it when the choices are  unknown or too numerous. I've currently only set it up for Human Fighter  (+2 to CMD to two combat maneuvers), but I know there are others that  can now be specified (e.g. extra uses for domain powers or revelations,  etc)  I'll be setting them up as I notice them, so drop a feature  request if there are any you'd like to see sooner.

For new content, from Pathfinder Unchained I've continued adding the  variant multiclassing, adding in the Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger,  Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard and Alchemist.

From Inner Sea Gods, the Sentinel class is now available.  I've also  finished descriptions and calculation details for a few of the new  spells, feats and obedience/boons.  I'm also pleased to note that  everything from Faiths of Corruption is now complete, so I'm marking  that source as done.

Good gaming,