Very briefly...
Editing proceeds apace.

The print edition of Interviewing Leather and Other Stories looks like it'll be somewhere over 470 pages long and probably just north of 150,000 words. And a couple of things got cut and will get stuck into separate ebooks.

"Like a Shot from a Cannon" and "Diverged in a Wood" have both been significantly revised, as can be expected. That process isn't done, but it's getting closer. "Being the Steve hasn't been done as yet, but soon, followed by "Debriefing Leather."

The 'reaction' posts "The Cognosentinels," "Page View Review," and the origin story "Sports One Presents the Olympic Finals" have also been revised and are being slotted in as transitional material. 

Right now, my active goal is an official publication date for both the physical and electronic version by January 27. With luck, it'll be available via Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iBooks – all the usual suspects.

If this goes according to plan, Hench-level patrons will be getting surveys against receiving their DRM free copies. Admittedly this is just slightly over the 15,000 word limit for those, but you guys have been here through thick and thin.

I feel badly that "Invitational" and "Kid Sister" won't be in this collection. You'll all get to see them when they're completed and at the very least they'll go up as ebooks on their own, and I may put together a purpose driven collection later on. "Invitational" was intended to be the final story of this piece, set just a few months before Interviewing Trey. "Kid Sister," on the other hand, is about Leather's first arrest, and her getting to know Anchor and finding herself drawn into the world of professional villainy. In both cases, however, they'd simply make the collection too long.

Sometime next year, maybe I'll put together a book with those two stories, plus some Darkhood and Paragon stuff I've wanted to write. Or, maybe I won't. There's a lot of other stuff that needs doing.

It's kind of a wild time.