Hello darling people of the world! It's almost been 24 hours since my Patreon experiment has launched and gone LIVE! WOOT WOOT! I truly can't thank you all enough for taking the time to stop by here, read my extremely long descriptions/cosplay life story, and considering supporting a little starving artist like me. WE'VE ALREADY REACHED TWO OF MY GOALS, YOU ALL TAKE MY BREATH AWAY.

I'm absolutely thrilled to see the traffic we've gotten already in such a short amount of time-- and rest assured I'm behind the keyboard here for multiple hours a day learning all of the ins and outs of Patreon and still figuring out MYSELF what this is all about! I'm still a huge noob when it comes to this website too, and I'm digging through FAQ's, customizing my notification bars, editing posts, drooling over your beautiful names, and already planning rewards for my Patrons who have already signed up! WAHHHH SUCH HYPE. I want to be sure going into this to infinity and beyond, that I know everything I possibly can should any of you have questions for me about how this neat new place works-- so please know, you can contact me at ANY time with questions or comments! :D

It's more exciting than you can possibly know to be able to move forward in an exciting way just like this and give you all content you absolutely 1000% deserve. Many of you have supported me as "AmberSkies" from day one, so knowing that you've followed me through different social media platforms and finally to here means the moon and stars to me.

STAY BEAUTIFUL AND STAY TUNED! This first post will be shown to the whole wide world as a warm and friendly "hello" and soon after I will move into beginning the blogging portion of  Tier posts! (Ex. If you pledge $5, you'll get your own special messages-- $10, YOUR own special messages, $25, and so on and so forth!)

All my love always

 Xoxo, Amber