A Very Good Month and a Look Ahead
 April 2017 Summary: +$21.00 in pledges, +5 patrons

As of this writing, the above is the increase I've seen over the month of April. I couldn't be more thrilled to have seem the numbers climb to where they did. You folks who are supporting me via this venue make things like audio books and e-books possible in more timely fashion than I'd be able to do on my own. You're also making it possible for me to go to Balticon at all. 

I have to stress that last part. I've been squirreling away those funds in hopes that I wouldn't need to spend them on the convention, but knowing I probably would. Feeding, clothing, and medicating a family of five when one of us is a teacher and the other an underpaid tech jockey is hard enough. Building in funds for producing quality fiction and going to cons on top of that would be impossible without you.

And if you aren't backing me here, every cent I make in sales is also now going into my business account (as it should have been all along), so know that your support is appreciated and makes a difference too.

As for the look ahead, here's what the next month will consist of for me. 

  • Finishing Esho St Claire and the Ladies of the Night (and figuring out a real title for it).
  • Getting a fur piece into Sheriff Baiman vs the Skin Walkers
  • Finishing at least one new short story to send off various places (probably "How to Tax Your Dragon" since the others are more beginning to longer works).
  • Overseeing audio production of the Ginnie Dare audio book and at least one audio novelette (or whatever you call an 11,000 word story).    
  • Going to Balticon (of course).

There will be more, I have no doubt. There are things in the wings I can't talk about right now. New ideas always pop into my head. I promise I'll leverage all the focus I can though on the above list and get stuff done. If any of this excites you, please share this page with friends. I do plan on trying for the $300 mark by the end of  Balticon. I want to hit $400 by July 14th. The more I make here, the more I can do. And there is so much I want to do!

Thanks for making this an awesome month!

Write on!