The Very Hungry Monarch Butterfly
Hi there! My other passion I have, other than creating crafts and art; is photography & capturing natures beauty on video! I absolutely LOVE Monarch Butterflies (& butterflies in general)! They are so beautiful & majestic!

¬†ūü¶č ¬†Here is a beautiful Monarch Butterfly I crossed paths with, feasting on a red clover with its tube like tongue (aka proboscis). It was really wonderful observing this ¬†Monarch Butterfly! I've been fascinated by butterflies ¬†ever since I was a child and absolutely love when I see them flying ¬†around me or resting on a flower in our garden. Butterflies make my soul ¬†happy! ūü¶č ¬†I was having a super rough day before I spotted this beautiful ¬†butterfly. It was very unexpected but much needed when it graced me with its appearance! This little fella really helped ease my anxieties that I ¬†was having that day & my worries seriously just melted away. I ¬†would definitely say that it (or something out there in the universe) ¬†sensed I was in the need of cheering up & that is exactly what this ¬†magnificent creature did for me! ¬†¬†

Feeling very lucky that the butterfly is my spirit animal! ūü¶č ¬†

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Do you have a spirit animal? I would love to hear what animal out there that you gravitate towards! I look forward to your comments! :-D