To be clear about the various fixes, they're useless right now after the small patch... even without it, unless you cheat to rank up, the game will never rank you down because it will never rank you up past Virtuoso anymore, with or without the traits.

I fixed it... For good.

- Keeps the multiplier on the XP for the bloodline traits

- Works with everything increases the gain of the Witch XP

It may not give 2 points on the first over rank but it will give them on the consequent ones.

I changed approach on this one. It's not compatible with my mod that gives more perk points on over rank, I'll include this fix in that mod in a second.

So, something changed in the last patch, now the only way to over rank and get the points is via cheat (with my mod in, without my mod you get under ranked):

stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP 2845

even in a game with no mods and without the bloodline trait.

I'm still testing things out.

EDIT: Yup, they managed to make it worse, they broke over ranking for normal mages, too... now on a game with no mods and the bloodline trait, the bar never fills anymore, gets to less than half and then resets, without the trait, the bar fills but doesn't give the point. At least, they fixed the bug with the multiplier applied to the stat, so you don't get under ranked anymore without mods, but my fix does nothing at all now, the same problem is present with it or without it.

EDIT 2: Even though the tag should be irrelevant because the stat is supposed to only go in increase, every other mod that applies the tag INCREASE to the buffs of the traits has the same effect, meaning: the cheat can be used with that method, too... it can't be used in vanilla game, is going to mess up the spell book and the progress bar.

The cheat seems to work only if you use the cauldron to rank up, this applies to normal mages too.

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