A Very Lit Brick Christmas
Hello, friends!  Here’s a special update because I thought it might bring you some goofy joy during the holidays.  Every year, I shift Lit Brick’s focus, briefly,  towards Christmas, because Christmas is my JAM.  I binged my own archives this morning and pulled up a list of every comic related to literary holiday merriment.  Enjoy!

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Bertie's Christmas Eve

The Gift of the Magi

The Fir Tree

The Snowman

A Kidnapped Santa Claus

The Burning Babe

Twelfth Night

The Morning of Christ's Nativity


Elizabethan Christmas

The Gospel of Carol #1

A Visit From St. Nicholas

I’m also offering a gift of sorts this year!  Every $5+ supporter of my Patreon for the month of December can request a Lit Brick strip based on the poem or short story of their choice!  $30+ supporters can request two of 'em.  Standard Patreon rules apply: your payment has to actually clear at the end of this month.  Requests won’t be accepted until January 7th (when I receive December’s Patreon funds).  I'll let you know how to contact me when the time comes.  Thanks for the support, folks!  Have a happy damn holiday.