very sad and disapointing day.
hi everybody, I have some sad news today, sadly I can no longer continue to develop the Knightmare game I have been working on. The reasons are copyright.

Now, before I started to develop this game I had sort avenues to contact what I thought was the copyright owners so I could so this, but I had no response, ITV were not all that helpful either, however I have now heard from someone who worked on the original series, I cannot say there name, and basically what they say is that there are others that are seeking the rights to Knightmare and doing what I am doing could damage there efforts, or have a financial impact and could put myself at risk.

Very sobering words, I was then advise to call it something else, and make changes so it didn't look like it represented anything that resembled knightmare.

So, I am somewhat disheartened and feel quite down, but I completely understand the situation. What I thought was  a "fan made" game that wouldn't really be that much of an issue has opened a door to all sorts of things where I cold find myself in all sorts of trouble.

So what to do now? Well I haven't totally given up on this, I will try and see if I can secure some sort of license so I can do it, or like I've been advised, change the game and call it chasers until then it will be on hold, maybe Il just have to start on another game project until I here from someone about a license.

I know you guys were keen for me to do this game, and are supporting as well in hope I sold do this and give you copy, but its clear I am not going to be able to do this now, at this stage anyway, so I will completely understand if you decide to remove you patron pledges, and I thank you so much for your great support!

I will continue doing the other things, website, create games, videos, pixel art, beading, sprites etc, but before I get on that, I'm going to have a double whiskey, and have a sulk.

Thank you for all your support!