A very short introduction

Since you're here, I thought you'd be interested to know of my plans for this site devoted to classical music at the piano.

There are many, many places on the internet where you can go to learn how to play piano. I hope this one may be a little different: the posts and videos are focused on “how to teach”  as much as “how to play.” In my experience, I never learned anything so well as when I had to teach it — to myself or to someone else.

Regardless of our level of playing, or how long we've spent learning to play the piano, it’s always important to be our own best teacher. I often think that if I could always practise as though my most revered teacher were listening in the next room, how much better my practising would be!

My goal is to create content helpful to you, whether you consider yourself a learner, or a teacher, or — best of all — some mixture of both. I'm looking for feedback on how I'm doing, and what kinds of content will be most helpful for you.

Along the way, I’ll also include some good performances, by me and by others. And as the community grows, I plan to include interviews with other teachers, who know things I don’t, or who explain the same things in better ways.

I hope you'll come along for the journey!

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