Vet School
I have an ambition to be a Vet Tech. In the future this would also lead to wildlife rehabilitation as a volunteer thing.
I currently need to raise enough money for the Tuition of Vet tech school. Patreon funds are strictly for the creation of new art and the conventions we use to promote them.
If our lovely patrons would like to help us with this goal, would you be willing to share the link with your circles?

Much appreciated :)

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A Loonie in the jar
$1 or more per month
Supporting us, helping us with a little bit of a financial buffer to continue our work. We already post a ton of free resources on our website for others to take advantage of.
Access to Patron only content.
Other little perks will likely show up now and then :)

Hello, Albertosaurus Patron Bonus:

  • You will see the pages of Hello, Albertosaurus, a web comic memoir, 1 week before the public. it will post here Thursdays!
  • You will receive a coupon for 15% off the Final print copy of Hello, Albertosaurus from the first print run. (requires shipping address, but can be provided at checkout)

Book tier
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Everything in previous tier plus:

  • Access to exclusive patron only sketches and work in progress images of our comics, illustrations and other projects we are working on.

  • Hello Albertosaurus bonus: You will receive a physical copy of the final comic "Hello, Albertosaurus", in Print mailed to you after being a 5$ tier patron for a minimum of 5 months.
Shop Discount tier
$15 or more per month
Everything In the previous tiers plus:

 a  15% discount coupon for our shop that doesn’t expire 

Your copy of Hello Albertosaurus listed in the previous tier will have no time restrictions in this tier. 

Secret comic pages Tier
$30 or more per month
Everything from the previous tiers plus:

access to all of our print only comics as they’re produced - as if they’re web comics.

We will also post character designs and consult with our Patrons on what direction these designs could go. We have several LARGE projects in the works and we will have lots of content for this.

All the books
$100 or more per month
Everything in the previous tier plus:

you will get a print copy of each comic we print (Printed through us, not other publishers unless circumstances allow it.) including anthologies.

You are also listed as a special thanks in every comic we publish while you are a patron.

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