The Veteran Sibling: LUNA-I

LUNA-I (luna-ai)

Cosmic-I is joined by her twin sister, Luna-I! Her body isn't as strong as her sister, so she needs to be careful to avoid strenuous activity. However, she is very good at filling out the paperwork that Cosmic-I's misadventures cause, so she is indispensable. She broke one of her hover wings and has been struggling save money to buy a new pair on top of paying tuition for space ranger school. She has anxiety and worries about the future. One day, her brains will make her into a top space ranger, but right now, she's just barely getting by...

Please do not startle Luna!


· Advanced Hacking I and II

· Robotic Engineering I

· Stun Gun Training I


· Apple curry

· Sudoku


· Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER) Test


· "P-Please don't ask me such things...!"


· January 8

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