Vickie prints
last time i was in miami i  grabbed this roll of prints from the 


series. these c-prints were shown in a show in NY in like 2012? theyve been sitting in a mailing tube ever since I got them back. i've been thinking about making an auction on patreon to sell them. they are the most cohesive solo work i've done so far. i'm trying to  take more photographs now that i'm out of grad school, but using my iphone. the quality is really great and its less time consuming than film.

i hung them in my house to experience them again. its generally a good practice to put your photographs up on the wall around your living space, so you can live with them and experience them often and at different times of the day and really investigate how they affect you. i've noticed that this works for a lot of things, not just photographs. but especially important for editing photographs.