Victoria (mascot character)
Now, you might be wondering about the character gracing my icon and page header. I originally created her because I wanted a mascot/flag character and I love birds, but with time I slowly built a harpy setting around her, one featuring harpies based on RL birds. If you want to know more about it, I wrote a few posts on Deviantart.

Full bio:
A domestic pigeon harpy who recently moved in from a ritzy pigeon suburb to Highroost, the big sky metropolis where harpies of all species gather. A lively and somewhat eccentric city girl, tends to carry herself like an excited tourist around her new home, to the point she seems bubbly and easily distracted. However underneath her quirky demeanor is a sharp, understanding intellect and a generous heart: she is very good at making others feel appreciated and included, and even getting in charge of the situation if the need arises.
Her special ability is she never gets lost once she's been somewhere. She loves starting the day with a warm cup of milk and a fresh bun bought from the hornero harpy who runs a bakery near her home.