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Video #4! Friends (Led Zeppelin)
Hey my ever-lovin' Patrons, 

Video 4 is up and ready for your eyes and ears only.  This time I've covered one of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, Friends. It's track 2 off of the album III, right after Immigrant Song. Mmmmm, so good.  

Tarik is featured playing bass and he's getting down and dirty with the groove and bringing the sheen with his crazy bass harmonics. 

I LOVE hearing from you all. Send me song feedback, ideas for future videos, and any thoughts you have on how the Patreon channel is going so far.

On election day as we wrap up this phase of an epic election cycle, I hope you enjoy lots of music and creative outlets as well as participating in and observing this historic day. 

All my love is coming at cha, and my wish for your experience of connection, love, creativity, curiosity and music. ;-)

More music is coming in 2 weeks. Stay tuned. 

- Moorea