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Video #7! Empathy - Original Tarik Ragab song
My beautiful Patrons, 

I am SO EXCITED to share this music video with you! Tarik Ragab wrote this song around 10 years ago for our band at the time, No Origin. However, this song never saw the light of day since the band folded before we ever performed it. Empathy was a favorite song of mine at the time so I'm grateful for the opportunity to record and present to you all now.  I put a lot of heart into this one.

I hope that we all can exhibit a large dose of empathy as we walk through this  tumultuous policital landscape that we find ourselves in. This song, all about empathy and reflection, couldn't have come back into my life at a better time. I hope that you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed performing, mixing and editing it. 

I will post the video live to YouTube and Facebook on Wedneseday. Please share it with others who you think would like it if you're so moved.  

I'm incredibly proud of this song and recording. I put  40+ hours into creating it. The whole experience was fun and I'm grateful to this Patreon project for pushing me to bring music out of my home and into the world. 

Thanks to Tarik for writing such an incredible song. It's an honor to work with him. 

I love you all and am grateful for you every day. 


p.s. I'll post the lyrics in the coming days along with the MP3 download. Cheers! 

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