Video and Book Updates

I decided to make the video about the claim that shootings occur due to God “not being allowed” in schools. There’s not much to show you, as it’s mostly a conversation between God and Jeffery, but I’m happy with it regardless of its simplicity. The comedic aspect of the cartoon centers around the absurd implications of the claim. At the end, though, I seriously explain that it’s not a response to the tragedy, but a response to the response. I want the bad ideas mitigated so that the good ideas aren’t drowned out by them.

I’ve reached a point in the Power Corrupts book in which I have to decide how to depict God’s simulation, our world. The dilemma: do I go though the history of the bible, including a lot of the arguments I’ve made over the years throughout my videos, or do I stick strictly to the Power Corrupts episodes? For now, I decided on the former, and started including many of my arguments as God establishes the Garden of Eden, and I’ll take it from there. There really is so much to go through, however, that I’ll have to pick and choose to avoid making a book that’s longer than the bible itself.

There are portions of the story that aren’t in the animations. There’s many reasons why, ranging from animation difficulty, to new ideas. Here’s an example of a thus far unedited scene I like, wherein a part of Yahweh's home city in the real world becomes a symbolic impression of hell for him. It would’ve been very difficult to animate:

Excerpt from “Chapter 4 - False Love”:

Though it already practically looked like nighttime in the lower city, Yahweh saw bright sky between the skyscrapers above, like cracks in a roof. It was still too early. He decided to loiter in the blinking rainbow colors of the bustling depths. He could walk around there for a year, and still leave great swaths of storefronts and restaurants unexplored. Various forms of music, from synthetic buzzing to deep thuds, competed and became a jumble of noise. Crowds of people and robots hustled to and fro, seeming to go nowhere as they were instantly replaced with other indistinguishable crowds of people and robots.

This detour from his daily routine was upsetting. People annoyed him. Some woman bumped into him, and Yahweh felt that she was dressed inappropriately. A guy was talking to a holographic interface too loudly. A couple were kissing, which he thought they shouldn’t be doing in public. It seemed that Yahweh couldn’t help but judge every person who crossed his path, and they all came up wanting.

The world would be a much better place if more people thought the way he did, Yahweh believed. Conflict was born of all these differences in people. There should be a standard, he thought, that would align everyone into a certain way of doing things - his way.

Alas, he was impotent.

Yahweh felt lost. Nobody seemed to notice him. He might as well have been totally invisible. Even with his new clothes and his fancy car, he was just another person amidst a crowd. Nothing was special about him, or at least nobody seemed to think so. He decided to...