Video rescheduling and new videos
I am going to change the order of when the videos come out and add additional videos onto the channel. Treacherous Trap Tuesday seems to be a crowd favourite so I am going to start two new series in the same vein. World Building Wednesday, Thaumaturgy Thursday and Monstrous Monday will be a reworking of the monster videos. World building Wednesday will be about developing elements within the world, towns, shops, roads and such and how they can be utilised. Thaumaturgy Thursday will cover magic spells, magic items and various forms of magic. Monsters are going to continue, but I am going to change this a bit so that I can keep them coming. I am going to strip out the paper minis and incorporate the combat mechanics into the primary blurb as well as the stat card. I will make the individual PDFs available on Patreon and then just put together compendiums of the PDFs in my store. This is in preparation for the $100 goal where a new monster will come out each week. I am also thinking of putting out spell and magic item cards for Thaumaturgy Thursday. So these will be available as well. While it may seem like this is increasing the work load, the way I work, this is actually more sustainable. I want to bring you more usuable content and stuff to help with your games of 7Dsystem and other games. I am working to have an Early "Basic Edition" out for Patrons at the appropriate levels soon. This will not contain all the artwork, but will be the core mechanics guide. The artwork version will be the main release to the public (and to Patrons as well). Then I will run a Kickstarter for the physical version. I do plan to have some patron access to discounted versions of the physical copy (or postage only) as a thank you for your continued support. It is still early days. Thank you once again for your generosity.