Video Content for the week of 2/8 - 2/14
Prop: Shop – Molding & Casting 101: Cold Casting

Learn the basics of cold casting prop pieces using urethane resin and a silicone mold.

Prop: Live From The Shop – Molding & Casting Space Gun Parts

Bill molds and casts several pieces of Rey’s Blaster using silicone and urethane resin.

Prop: Live – Prop and Cosplay Q&A with Bill – 2/11/2016

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Bill from Punished Props is super stoked to show off what he’s been building in the shop! Then, Bill answers questions about poplar wood, thigh armor, colorants, Inkscape, Kydex, hot wire cutters, PVC Foam, spray paint vs airbrush, Smooth-Cast Onyx, and more!

Prop: Live Q&A Show Notes:

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Vector Sigma Creations

Smooth-Cast 325

Ignite Fluorescent Pigment



Coregeek Cosplay and Creations




How to Make the Styro-Slicer

Hot Wire Cutter

PVC Foam (Sintra)

Fabricator Djinn

Dragon Age Hawke Costume

Airbrush Compressor Kit



Smooth-Cast 300

SO-Strong Tint

Smooth-Cast Onyx Fast and Slow

Mold Release

Plasti Dip

Mod Podge

Balloon Latex

Poly Latex 60

Critter Spray Gun

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