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Video Content for the week of 8/15 - 8/21
Drawing the Deku Shield Blueprints in Inkscape – Prop: Shop

In just a couple of weeks Bill will be building the Deku shield from Zelda the Ocarina of Time! Before he can get started, he needs to draw a blueprint for the prop so that he can be sure everything will be scaled and shaped correctly.

Experimenting with Destiny Cosplay Helmet Designs – Prop: Live from the Shop

Motivated by some new concept art from the upcoming Destiny DLC, Bill shows off how he likes to experiment with different cosplay design choices.

3D Printing the Boolean Gemini Destiny Scout Rifle Build Part 1 – Prop: 3D

Bill gets started on this new 3D printed build, the Boolean Gemini scout rifle from Destiny. All of the parts for the prop will be 3D printed and this small scope piece serves as a proof of concept and standard bearer for the rest of the project.

Prop: Live – Q&A with Kamui Cosplay – 8/17/2016

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Punished Props is joined by Kamui Cosplay! Svetlana and Benni answer questions about future conventions, making Benni wear costumes, Zelda the corgi, Fallout props, sewing patterns, visors, painting techniques, sealing foam, templates, spouse conflicts, and more!

Q&A Show Notes:


KamuiCosplay’s new book! Advanced Painting – Airbrush & Weathering

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How to Draw Patterns, Templates, & Blueprints With Free Software – Premium Video Tutorial

Fallout 4 – Building a Gauss Rifle Replica (The Last Minute)

Yaya Han Sewing Patterns

Making the Pokemon Go Trainer Outfit

Vacuum Forming

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Blizzard Cosplay Reference Kits

Destiny Artists Reference Portal

How to Paint Breastplates Video Tutorial



Masking Vinyl Stencil Material

Duracoll Contact Adhesive

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