Video Content for the week of 10/17 - 10/23
How to Make Skyrim Steel Armor Costume Part 1: Foam Fabrication

In this first of three videos, Bill talks you through the process of making your very own Steel Armor costume from Skyrim.

Making a Large Prop Gear from Insulation Foam – Prop: Live from the Shop

Bill and Britt team up to make a giant, lightweight, XPS foam gear for an upcoming World of Warcraft prop.

How to 3D Print a Gun Prop from Destiny Part 5: Sanding and Assembly

Finally Bill starts putting together all of the parts for his 3D printed Destiny scout rifle; the Boolean Gemini.

Prop: Live – Q&A Business Tips with Bill – 10/20/2016

Creative Business talk! Bill talks about turning a hobby into a business, learning experiences, work schedules, commissions, charging what you’re worth, content marketing, social media, income sources, Patreon, and more!

Q&A Show Notes:

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